Industry Facts (Takeaways 7)

Industry Facts (Takeaways 7)



  • What is the stereotypical picture of a heart attack?
    • Someone clutching their chest and falling to the ground….. this is actually not true for women
    • Women feel fatigue, not much pain, and sleep disturbances and these are the signs of a heart attack
  • Healthcare Information is worth $50 – $70 on the black market compared to $3 for credit card information
  • In 2016 Anthem, a large healthcare provider had 60 million people’s data stolen
  • Much harder to change healthcare information


  • Black women spend 80% more on cosmetics than any other group
  • Women’s products tend to cost more than men’s products although both are not equal so the “pink tax” is not always applicable
  • In the future there will be better ways to test products before buying them

Food and Beverages

  • Food production and distribution seems to be split up among companies but only few companies┬ácontrol this industry
  • Technology allows for better packaging of products
  • Technology allows food to be shipped right to your doorstep from the internet
  • Diversity allows companies to decide whether they should be more helpful with food choices
    • Gluten free foods
    • Non-GMO foods

Media and Broadcasting

  • There has been a decrease in cable TV consumption in recent years
    • Less news is consumed over cable TV
  • The internet has increased the speed at which data both accurate and inaccurate gets to news outlets who also report more and more online
  • Diversity helps create a news culture that understands different types of people and their cultural norms to better give them news


  • Websites like IMDB allow people to see other’s ratings on shows and movies
  • Netflix a bigger player in this game has produced TV shows based on data itself has collected about ratings
  • Netflix has 76,897 genres of film that they curate by both automation and by hand
    • This allows for more accurate search suggestions and understanding of user demands
  • In the future hopefully there will be more virtual reality film