Role Models (incl. mine Margaret Hamilton)

Role Models (incl. mine Margaret Hamilton)

Here is a link to my role model presentation on Margaret Hamilton: Margaret Hamilton

Susan Wojcicki

  • CEO of Youtube
  • Has attended Harvard, UCSC, and UCLA
  • When working at Google she helped purchase DoubleClick for $3.1 billion
  • She was the 16th employee at Google
  • She let Google be run out of her garage for a time
  • Every night she makes it home to see her five children

Ayah Bdeir

  • She was born in Montreal, Canada
  • She got a BS in Computer Engineering
  • CEO of Little Bits
  • TED senior fellow
  • Well rounded artist and engineer

Ellen Boyd

  • Motivated to take CS by a physics teacher in high school
  • Interned at Amazon
  • A mentor for Girls who Code
  • Computer Science is the most powerful engineering discipline because it can be applied in many places

Caterina Fake

  • Co-founded Flickr
  • Acquired by Yahoo
  • Co-founded Hunch
  • Acquired by Ebay
  • Determined and creative

Neeru Khosla

  • Wanted to be a doctor but no one supported her
  • Overshadowed by husband who ran Sun Microsystems
  • Founded the CK-12 Foundation which is an online learning platform

Zorah Fung

  • Pretty, confident, and helps women at UW get into STEM
  • Always there to help people especially when they need help

Elisabeth Holmes

  • Went to Stanford and wants to help society improve
  • Invented a way to take a lot less blood for tests
  • CEO of Theranos, the youngest woman self made billionaire

Cher Wang

  • Born in Taiwan
  • Daughter of billionaire (Wang Chun Yin)
  • 54th most powerful woman in the Western World
  • She helped to build HTC from the group up
  • She is very into simplicity (she doesn’t even have a private jet)