iSchool Faculty

iSchool Faculty

iSchool Faculty

Negin Dahya

  • Researched how girls under-represented areas use technologies
  • Fixing problem for girls in CSE


  • Corporate executive
  • Art degrees
  • Researches operational risk
    • Conduct risk (culture, people, leaders)

Katie Davis

  • Why do people do the things they do?
  • Was an elementary school teacher
  • PhD in Human Development
  • Little kids like collecting things
    • Can take pictures with your phone and it will collect them on your phone

Hala Annabi

  • How does IT help people come together?
  • How do you include and pick people who are different from one another

Megan Finn

  • CSE major
  • Researched communications that people use after a disaster


Good Books

  • Leadership on the Line
  • Mindless by Simon Head
  • Checklist Manifesto
  • The 5th Discipline
  • Power of Habit
  • Leading Minds by Howard Garner
  • Creating Minds by Howard Garner
  • Super Sad Lovestory

Good Movies

  • Documentary section on Netflix
  • Minority report
  • Lives of Others
  • Office Space