Levels of Stereotypes (Takeaways 9)

Levels of Stereotypes (Takeaways 9)

Problems in Culture (and how it keeps women out of STEM)

Short people hate tall center pieces

Elementary/Middle School

  • No good role models in STEM
  • You’re bad just because you’re a girl
  • STEM isn’t feminine enough so other girls pressure them to drop out
  • Segregation of toys by gender
  • Drawing conclusions without basis that aren’t broken later on
  • TV shows
  • Do you take classes because of your interests or because of your friends?
  • Being the only girl in the room is uncomfortable
  • What is attractive to other people?
  • Trying to define who you are, no one likes nerds
  • Wanting/needing to fit in
  • Good or bad teachers can help or tear people down
  • Having a fixed mindset
  • Having people say that you shouldn’t be interested in that

High School

  • How you look and dress, you don’t fit the type
  • Lack of opportunities, teachers, clubs, and role models
  • Computer science clubs are too exclusive
    • Only want people that know CS already
    • No newbies are welcome
    • New people are similar to current members
    • Niche that these people have is being eroded by outsiders
    • Leader of the club’s attitude can have a big impact
  • Pigeonholed into who you were in middle school
  • Pressure to get into college therefore less likely to take risks
  • Friend group influence, can either build you up or tear you down
  • Girls have low math confidence it creates a feedback loop
  • No way to dispel beliefs from elementary and middle school
  • New starts are sometimes better because not pigeonholed, but it is hard to make friends

Entry Level Job

  • Overwhelming environment
  • Social interaction
  • Isolation
  • Opportunity for growth
  • Boring work
  • Lack of mentorship opportunity
  • Work-life balance choices and the competition in the workplace
  • Attitude of coworkers
  • Sexual harassment (due to numerical disparity)
  • No seat at the table (hard to get your voice heard)


  • Not taken seriously or not seen as technical
  • Spread too thin due to work/home life
  • Work life balance choices
  • Given more grunt boring work from above
  • Too deferential (all the men try to “help”) –> damsel in distress
  • Likeable vs. assertive bitch
  • Promotion to a higher position is subjective and the previous point makes this challenging