Corporate v. Entrepreneurship (Takeaways 2)

Corporate v. Entrepreneurship (Takeaways 2)

Big Corporations v. Small Startups v. Entrepreneurship

We discussed the benefits and downfalls of working in a small company like a startup versus the benefits and struggles of working a large corporation. Entrepreneurship is another route that some people may choose to go and that also has its own challenges.

Big Corporations

  1. Great job security. Unlike startups a large corporation won’t go bankrupt overnight so you should have warning before layoffs.
  2. Many management positions. With large businesses comes large bureaucracy so more management.
  3. Job Benefits. Many companies offer health insurance, 401k matching and other benefits to employees.
  4. Mentorship. Many people have worked there awhile and would be happy to help. Many big companies have mentorship programs explicitly implemented.
  5. The large bureaucracy and many people will make it much harder to get your ideas heard.

Small Companies

  1. A more family-like dynamic where everyone gets their voices head.
  2. More open to new ideas due to less bureaucracy to slow everything down.
  3. You have a bigger impact on the whole organization. You are one of some as opposed to one of many.
  4. Less stable, not as financially secure, could collapse overnight in the case of a startup.


  1. Of course it’s exciting striking out and starting a business of your very own.
  2. High risk which could entail little to no pay for a long time.
  3. No work life balance. You are married to your startup company, your company is your life, and it will be that way for awhile.
  4. Probability of failure. You could lose it all and your business will tank; you’ll lose time and money.