University Rover Challenge (2015 – Present)

The challenge is to design and build the next generation of Mars rovers that will one day work alongside human explorers in the field. Working with a team of dedicated students for solving this problem the Husky Robotics Team competes every year in the deserts of Utah. See the code here.

Heightmap to Voxel Server (2017 – Present)

This RESTful web server converts heightmap image data into a 3D representation for generating voxels using an occupancy model. The heavy lifting of this application needs to be server side, not client side due to the game engine set up. The code can be found here.

Bluetooth Low Energy Android App (Completed 9/20/17)

I used this project to learn multiple technical skills. The major one being the C# programming language, but I also learned more in depth the Bluetooth Low Energy stack on both Android and Linux. This is a simple client-server architecture application, where the server transmits GPS data according to the Bluetooth SIG specifications. The client code is here, while the server code is here.

Food Reviews Android App – CDK Global Hackathon (Completed 8/25/17)

A fun hackathon app where you could create anything. My team and I decided to make an Android app that would use a real database (Firebase) and use modern Android development techniques (for the time). The code can be found here.

The University of Washington Dining Web App (Completed 9/28/16)

This application is intended for all students at the University of Washington to learn when various eating establishments and buildings across campus are open and accessible for them. It is no longer being pursued because of lack of need due to university website changes. The code can be found here.

USDA Big Data Web App Hackathon (Completed 9/17/15)

This application uses USDA data (no longer accessible at the APIs in the app) to determine the best places to farm in the USA based on multiple criteria. The code can be found here.